Counting and Characterizing Visitors with Geofencing

Monday, Sept 19, 2022 -12pm-1pm

We'll be chatting with William SaintArmor with Cobalt Community Research regarding their community data program and its potential application to count trail users and traffic using cellular data.  We'll also speak with local groups exploring geofencing technology for other applications.


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Meeting ID: 882 8496 1303
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AppreciateAZ Program 

Monday, June 20, 2022 -12pm-1pm

The Arizona Office of Tourism and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics© forged a partnership to promote sustainable tourism practices across Arizona's spectacular landscapes and unique destinations. For a richer experience, learn how you can protect Arizona's iconic natural features while enjoying these spectacular destinations.


Think you know it all? Get certified as a Leave No Trace expert and take the Appreciate AZ pledge. Our friends from Arizona Office of Tourism will tell us more.

Click here for a link to the AppreciateAZ Program

OHV Advocacy and Outreach

Monday, March 28, 2022 -12pm-1pm

Rebecca Antle from the Az State Association of 4 Wheel Drive (AzSA4WD) will talk about projects and OHV Outreach as well as positive impacts from the OHV community

SCORP Update - AZ State Parks and Trails

Monday, February 28, 2022 -12pm-1pm

Please Zoom in and join us online for our next open discussion on trails in Arizona led by the Network for Arizona Trails

  • Dawn Collins from Arizona State Parks & Trails will be joined with partners from Arizona State University to present findings from the stakeholder engagement meetings. 

We will also share updates from our Statewide Committee on Outdoor Recreation Enhancement (SCORE) and the Concurrent Resolution that recently passed the State Legislature

Click Here for Zoom Recording of Presentation

So, You Wanna Talk Ebikes?

Monday, January 24, 2022 -12pm-1pm

Come ready to engage in conversation with fellow trail managers, users and advocates. Learn about the latest theory on management and what your neighbors are (or are not) up to on the topic.


12:00pm Introductions and Orientation to Zoom 

12:05pm  Round Robin Updates

Land Managers - local, state, federal


Get Outdoors Arizona legislation 

12:15pm Ebikes - Resources for Policy and Strategy

Ashley Lovell : People for Bikes

Jeff Sanderson : Bureau of Reclamation

Martin Ince : City of Flagstaff

Claire Miller : City of Phoenix 

Tammy Pike : Bureau of Land Management

1:00pm Adjourn and after-meeting networking opportunity (15 min)

Resources from the Zoom

Presentations/ Materials:

Ash Lovell : People for Bikes

Download pdf of presentation

Jeff Sanderson : Bureau of Reclamation

Martin Ince : City of Flagstaff

Download pdf of presentation

Claire Miller : City of Phoenix 

Download pdf of presentation

Tammy Pike : Bureau of Land Management

Other Resources from Chat:

City of Flagstaff: Electric bicycles and electric scooter survey results

BLM: E-bikes on Public Lands

Information on 2022 Summit for Arizona Trails


Click above to download the ebike etiquette infographic created by Tread Lightly! for FOX Factory and the Trail Trust Program. For additional information on use of this image, additional customization or support, please contact Matt Caldwell with Tread Lightly! 

Click below for Zoom recording
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