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formerly the Monthly Trails Zoom

Natural Restorations - Mitigation and Clean-up

Monday, March 20, 2023 -12pm-1pm

Nicole  Corey will presented on the efforts of Natural Restorations, an Arizona-based non-profit with a mission to remove trash and graffiti from outdoor recreation and wilderness areas, revitalize natural spaces through replanting projects and enrich the lives of military veterans and other community members. 


Click below for the recorded session:

Rattlesnake Safety Information

Monday, Feb 27, 2023 -12pm-1pm

Bryan Hughes is the owner of Rattlesnake Solutions, a rattlesnake-focused private conservation organization operating throughout Arizona. His group works with homeowners, businesses, and government agencies to solve situations where human development and rattlesnakes come into conflict - including in our outdoor recreation spaces and trails. Every day he is engaged in conversation with people who fear snakes, often justifiably. His depth of “front line” experience drives his perspectives on coexistence with rattlesnakes and how to do so safely. 

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Statewide Outdoor Recreation in 2023 and Beyond 

Monday, Jan 23, 2023 -12pm-1pm

One of our most critical initiatives is establishing a Arizona State body for regulating and supporting outdoor recreation. We'll talk to members of our Working Groups as well as advocates Statewide to strategize our next steps toward elevating trail rec in AZ in the coming year. 

Joining us is Lena Allen, Director of Outdoor Recreation and Sustainability at the Arizona Office of Tourism. Bring your questions and we'll have a great chat! 

Click below for the recorded session:

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