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Where Arizonans go to talk trails


Learn more about Cottonwood, AZ.

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Who attended the 2022 Summit

summary and notes 2022

Summary of the work at the 2022 Summit with contacts and content


We are grateful for the support our community has shown for the Network. A complete list of sponsors is available here.

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You and I both know that Arizona is one of the premier destinations in the country for trails and outdoor recreation. We work hard as advocates, managers, non-profits and volunteers to keep Arizonans and visitors on the trails and promote sustainable recreation. 


What's the Summit all about?

Since 2020, the Network for Arizona trails has been creating essential space for the trail community in Arizona to come together:

  • Space to connect organizations, agencies and peers with similar goals to share resources and knowledge

  • Space for advocacy around access, funding and policy on the local, regional, state and national level

  • Space to advance specific topics and initiatives that benefit and educate trail users and communities


Our inaugural Summit in 2020 was attended by over 100 members of the trails community. 2022 once again saw over 100 participants gathered to "talk trail" and elevate trail related recreation in Arizona. This biannual event promises to grow as interest in outdoor recreation opportunities expand!

If you have a passion for trails and are actively engaged in advocacy or volunteerism, we hope you’ll join us.

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